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Posted By: Jon Freeman
13-Sep-17 - 12:36 PM
Thread Name: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
No problems with Talk Talk. My memory is a bit foggy but as far as I remember, our moving away had something to do with getting all the bills including line rental in one place and a PlusNet package offered what we wanted. TalkTalk supplied a mac, the changeover was smooth and we had no more than one "sorry your leaving/ reconsider." type email.

Although they seem to get a lot of complaints, we had no problems with their service. Our speed did increase with the change but for whatever reason (perhaps TalkTalk were running with higher safety margins, perhaps it's to do with the upgrades [although firbre hasn't reached here] around the time or perhaps changes in my router again around the time…) but reliability dropped a bit. A peculiar feature that I'd only imagine could be PlusNet is that we reguarly get 10-15 minutes downtime around 11:30pm give or take ½ hour. Still, we can live with it and haven't tried complaining.

The worst we dealt with was a company called FastHosts. I was running the folkino web server at the time and after say a couple of months, their service dropped to "unusable" and we were reduced to a crawl if up at all for most of the evening. Their help was useless and we had no option but to leave. They refused the mac saying (I believe rightly, at least at the time) that it was optional and they added to my hassles caused by their non service with having to start from scratch. I don't know off hand if they still exist but if they do, I' wouldn't touch them with a barge pole.

While one bad dealings. When we first tried to get on broadband with BT, they had it we were too from the (say 2 ½ -3 miles by road) exchange. It was only after we tried another company (which resulted in a BT engineer coming round to test things – it's all their cable…) that I found out the we had been on a line sharing device. Easier for BT to blsme distance at time., I guess. I've not particularly trusted them since.


Moblie btw. Using Asda PAYG. No complaints over the 6 months so far. Not that we use mobiles much, they are more for (rather loosely) emergency, etc.