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Posted By: Joe_F
24-Aug-17 - 10:01 PM
Thread Name: 'Conversation' songs
Subject: Lyr Add: NOCH A GLEZELE TEY (Yiddish)
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-- in both of which I mention "Noch a glezele tey" (Another little cup of tea), a Yiddish conversation-song that I never got around to posting. It's about time:

Words & music by M. Gebirtig

Berele mayn libinker, ch'ob tus dir a bakoshe.
-- Perele mayn libinke, vos iz day bakoshe?
-- Ven mit mazl ich vel hobn a yingele in freydn,
Vil ich undzer kind zol heysn noch may frumen zeydn.
-- Farvos epis noch dayn zeydn? Ch'ob doch oych a deye.
Host doch ersht gehat a meydl noch dayn bobe leye.

Berele, mayn manele, ch'vil dich epes dermonen.
-- Perele, mayn vaybele, vos vilstu mich dermonen?
-- Du fargest, az undzer leybke heyst shoyn noch dayn zeydn,
Farvos kloybstu zich di yungen, varfst mir tsu di meydn?
-- Un du fargest az noch dayn tatn heyst doch undzer nochem,
Er iz derfar in im gerotn -- nisht kayn groyser chochem.

Berele, mayn tayerer, ch'vil dir epes zogn.
-- Perele, mayn tayere, vos vilstu mir zogn?
-- Vos-zhe darf men itst zich krign, lomir nor delebn,
Vel ich davke noch mayn zeydn s'kind a nomen gebn.
-- Vos-zhe take itst zich grign, un umzist tsu reydn,
Efsher vet gor zayn a tsviling -- s'ken gor zayn tsvey meydn.


Berele, my dear, I've a favor to ask of you.
-- Perele, my darling, what is it you want?
With God's will, when I give birth to a little boy,
I'd like to name him after my pious grandfather.
-- After your grandfather? It seems to me
That we just named one of our girls after your grandmother Leah.

Berele, dear husband, let me remind you now
-- Perele, dear wife, what do you wish to remind me of?
You forgot that our son Leybke bears _your_ grandfather's name.
Why do you pick all the boys and leave the girls for me?
-- But you forget that our Nochem was named after _your_ father.
Perhaps that's why he's not so smart, since he takes after him.

Berele, my dear one, I want to tell you something.
-- Perele, my darling, what do you want to say?
-- Why must we quarrel now? We might as well wait,
Since I intend to name the child after my grandfather anyway.
-- True, there's no point in arguing so much ahead of time.
Perhaps it will be twins at that, and both of them girls.