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Posted By: Jack Campin
23-May-17 - 07:58 PM
Thread Name: Whitby Folk Week fringe announcements
Subject: RE: Whitby Folk Week fringe announcements
just how much notice do you require?

Wasn't me that was asking, it was JHW.

For anyone who might be thinking of going, they really need SOME idea of what the festival is like a year in advance or they won't be able to find any accommodation. Which is why I didn't go for ten years after first hearing about it: I couldn't get a look at a previous year's programme and had absolutely no idea what sort of things went on. I know of several other people in Scotland who've taken the same attitude; I've persuaded people to go after lending them my old copies of the programme, but when I haven't been able to do that, my success rate in getting people interested has been zero. Word of mouth alone doesn't work.

For a go-or-not decision for any festival, I need at least a month to arrange holiday cover at work, and preferably two.

Anyway, for the things I'm thinking of coordinating on the FB page, a few weeks is fine - I'll be talking to people who have already decided to be there.