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Posted By: Richie
08-May-17 - 12:45 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Died for Love Sources: PART IV
Subject: RE: Origins: Died for Love Sources: PART IV
Hi Steve,

The 50% rough guide is a good idea, especially if there's doubt. That doesn't work in instances where the whole text version isn't given but the ballad is identified by the collector (as in a dozen versions of Butcher Boy). The melody is also a consideration for identification which may override the 50% rule.

Here is the completed rough draft of the Headnotes of "Died for Love" I'm still working on footnotes and adding complete versions. Incomplete versions (fragments) are not listed:

I'll include the brief ending below:

Conclusions: The Died for Love songs form a large group of ballads that share a similar theme about a rejected maid who dies for the love of her false sweetheart. Usually the maid is pregnant or it's implied that she's pregnant. A unifying stanza is given at the end stating that the maid has "died for love." The versions in my Died for Love family A-J are diverse and could be considered separate ballads.

The Appendices 7A- 7V listed at the top of this page (after the Died for Love variants) are separate ballads and songs that use stanzas of the Died for Love songs or are related to them. A number of similar ballads with the "rejected maid" theme are not part of the group and some occasionally share the "Died for Love" ending stanza. A few of the ballads distantly related to the Died for Love family and extended family not found in the Appendices are worth mentioning:

1. "Early, Early in the Spring" (Laws M1 Roud #152) ["Died for Love" ending stanza]
2. "My Little Dear, So Fare You Well" (Brown II, No. 167) ["Died for Love" ending stanza; similar stanzas]
3. "Betsy Watson/Betsy Williams" [broadside: "Effects of Love"] (Roud 1493) [Similar theme, similar stanzas]
4. "Black is the Colour" (Roud 3103) [related to "Sailing Trade" and "The Colour of Amber."]
5. "Madam, I've Come Courting" (Roud 146) [related to "Ripest Apple"]
6. "Waly, Waly" (Roud 87) [listed as an appendix to Jamie Douglas; found in Child ballads study]
7. "I'm Always Drunk and Seldom Sober" (Roud 1049) [Related to "Love is Teasing" "Water is wide" "Peggy Gordon"]

Many of the broadside antecedents are covered here-- still others are found in the individual studies of the Appendices 7A- 7V. Some broadsides are missing or unavailable[]. In the future there's a chance the presumed missing British broadside of Butcher Boy may turn up or other broadsides which are antecedents of Died for Love or the extended family.

R. Matteson Jr.-- May, 2017
Port St. Lucie, Florida