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05-May-17 - 09:30 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Died for Love Sources: PART IV
Subject: RE: Origins: Died for Love Sources: PART IV
Hi Banjimer,

I've got several articles on Frank Proffitt and one by Frank on my site:

It's a mess, but there's probably over 1,000 pages there put on mostly in a month or two a couple years ago.

My grandfather Maurice Matteson knew Nathan Hicks, visited him a couple times and bought a dulcimer from him about 1933. I've played his dulcimer and recorded a couple songs on it. Not sure if he knew Frank Proffit well. My grandfather brought my father to Beech Mountain NC when he was just six and my father met Ray Hicks, the tall one! My grandfather showed Hick's dulcimer to Frank Warner in New York about 1938 which led to the Warner's coming down to NC.

Please feel free to post. Frank mentioned his father who made banjers as well as his sister and brother. He also mentioned his grandfather on his father's side, think his name was John.

* * * *

Here are the The Southwest region songs from Arkansas; Mississippi; Louisiana; Kansas and Texas. Following are 27 versions from the Southwest.

Butcher Boy- Almeda Riddle (AR) c.1912 Wolf [7 stanzas; Jersey City; extra 1 1/2 stanza (young and free/apples)]
Rambling Boy- anon (US west) 1916 John Lomax [8 stanzas version of B, Cruel Father]
Butcher Boy- Mrs. G. V. Easley (MS) 1926 Hudson A [8 stanzas; a village; a house]
In Kosciusko- Sanford Hughston (MS) 1926 Hudson B [8 1/2 stanzas; Kosciusko; extra stanza (deep blue sea/orphan); extended ending]
Wrecked & Rambling Boy- Hellums (MS) 1926 Hudson C [6 stanzas; Version of B, Cruel Father; extra stanza (I love you Willie)]
Grieve, Oh Grieve- Sam Hinton (TX) 1927 REC [2 stanzas with "Go dig my grave" as chorus; part of "adieu" songs]
Butcher Boy- anon (AR) 1927 Farm Life [7 stanzas; New York City; (young and free/apples) cf. Riddle]
My Love Willie- Hippolyte Dupont (LA) 1934 Lomax [7 stanzas sung in French; village; house; extra (there is a bird) 2 stanzas not translated]
Through the Meadow She Ran- Dusenberry (AR) 1936 [7 stanza hybrid; a house; extra 3 stanzas from Constant Lady]
Butcher's Boy- G. McCarty (AR) 1941 Randolph F [only first stanza given; Londers City]
Butcher Boy- Mrs. Wasson (AR) 1941 Randolph G [only extra stanza given (Must I go bound/oranges)]
Butcher Boy- Arlie Freeman (AR) 1942 Randolph H [only extra stanza given (Must I go bound/oranges)]
Butcher Boy - Goldie Gardner (AR) 1953 Parler C [3 stanzas; Newport Town]
Butcher's Boy- Inez Gibson (AR) 1956 Parler G [8 stanzas; London City; strange house; 1/2 stanza (Must I go bound)]
Butcher's Boy- Vesta Belt (KS) 1957 O'Bryant [6 stanzas; Kansas city; 2 extra stanzas (land of love) (apron low)]
Butcher Boy - Lucy Quigley (AR) 1958 Hunter A [6 stanzas London City; this town]
Butcher Boy- Gladys McChristian (AR) 1958 Parler D [6 stanzas; Jersey city; a house]
Soldier Boy- Pearl Brewer (AR) 1958 Parler F [4 stanzas; beginning missing]
Butcher's Boy- Buck Buttery (AR) 1958 Parler H 7 stanzas; [New York City; extra (young and free/apples)]
Butcher Boy- Mildred Ratliff (AR) 1959 Parler A [6 stanzas; Jersey City; a house (I wish, I wish)]
Butcher Boy - Bessie Atchley (AR) 1960 Parler B [9 stanzas; London City; strange house; extra stanza (Must I go bound)]
Poor Girl- Lora Moore Jasper (AR) 1962 Parler I [3 stanzas; yonder's town]
Oh, Willie- Rod Drake (TX) 1952 Owens [5 stanzas; version of B, Cruel father]
Butcher's Boy- Sam Hinton (TX) 1966 REC [6 stanzas; Jersey city; an inn]
Butcher Boy- Ollie Gilbert (AR) 1969 Hunter E [6 stanzas; London City; same town]
Butcher Boy- Roy Wrinkle (AR) 1969 Hunter G [6 stanzas; London City]
I Died for Love- Dale Klugg (AR) 1969 Hunter F [5 stanzas, first missing; strange house; extra stanza (Must I go bound)]

The Southwest continues the tradition of the South. There are 5 London City versions and 4 Jersey city versions along with a variety of other city names. The butcher boy visits another girl at a "strange house" or "house."