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Posted By: Tattie Bogle
13-Apr-17 - 07:23 PM
Thread Name: food songs
Subject: RE: food songs
Only nearly 3 years since I said I might post it later! (Recipe included!)

JANET'S STOVIES                                 Trish Santer 20.10.06.
For my friend Janet Weatherston, who makes such superlative stovies.

Janet's stovies are the best
We lo'e them abune the rest,
But we ha'e only ane request,
Bring us a plate o' stovies.

Slice yer onions nice and thin
Fry them gently, then throw in
Loads o' tatties wi'oot skin,
You've started makkin' stovies.
Salt and pepper tae your taste,
Scraps o' meat ye neednae waste,
Cannae be in awfy haste
When yer makkin' stovies.

Mak' them in yer muckle pot
Dinnae ha'e the ring ower hot,
Let them sweat until ye've got
A gey guid pan o' stovies.
Stovies ayeways fill ye up
Skoosh them in a plate or cup,
Dinnae bide, jest serve us up
Oor Janet's hamely stovies.

She mak's them for the Christmas ceilidh,
Tops them aff wi' sprigs o' holly,
You micht think that awfy silly,
Daein' that wi' stovies.
When Burns supper cam's aroond,
In the kitchen she'll be foond,
Haggis, neeps and tatties roond,
But ye cannae beat her stovies.

Of stovie-makkin' she's the master,
Better than a bowl o' pasta,
Mak's the eightsome reel gae faster
Efter Janet's stovies.
Never gi'e ye constipation,
Ideal form of regulation
Maybe too much information,
But that's why we tak' stovies.
Final chorus: Stovies, stovies, stovies, stovies,(x3)
We lo'e Janet's stovies.