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Posted By: Ella who is Sooze
29-Jan-01 - 07:00 AM
Thread Name: Knocky Door Ginger
Subject: RE: Knocky Door Ginger
Trevor that is sooo funny...

The only thing I did to a teacher was balance a box on the door - so when he walked into the room it fell onto his head...

I was usually caught before I had chance to get away with my plans -

Was once caught with my head, one arm and one leg sticking out of the small hall kitchen window... It was a small village school - with a village hall which was our assembly/dining room... The boys had locked me in the kitchen - by jamming a spoon in the door.... as I was halfway out I was caught..... and told off.

Then there was the paint fight with the sqeezy bottles of paint, in the room we had been put into for being naughty, next to the head masters office... And we went mad with the paint.

Then...the peas on the dining room ceiling -

The Biology skeleton and the lumps of lamb kidney -

letting the class locusts out

what a delightfull child I was!

Got a really long scar on me leg, from leap frogging a concrete bollard, that had a bit of steel wire sticking out from it, which went into my leg - that's about 5 inches long scar now

Have another one on another leg from the barbed wire, I was jumping over, running away from the bull...

Another one on my forehead, which is a bit of dent, from playing stick in the mud... I landed on my head...

Knees that look terrible, from all the scars...

always was accident prone - and still am