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Posted By: Trevor
29-Jan-01 - 06:25 AM
Thread Name: Knocky Door Ginger
Subject: RE: Knocky Door Ginger
Did anybody ever make those kite-shaped, pre-frisby skimmers out of five woven together lolly sticks.

I also became hero of the third form for hollowing out a stick of chalk and filling it with match heads. When the physics teacher drew a long straight line on the blackboard the chalk caught fire. (I'm giggling now as I'm writing this!)

I remember death-defying races down the long hill over the road from where I lived, with a book (usually an annual) balanced on a roller skate. You sat on it and steered by shifting your weight. Much more dangerous than its successor, the skateboard, and therefore more fun, especially when there were about six of us in head-to-head races. I had a cart as well, made out of a plank and four wheels. I used to turn it upside down so that it wwas lower to the ground and looked more racy. I got my first ever scar when it was in upside down mode. I was holding on to the side of the plank as me and my mate went downhill at what seemed about mach 1, and a wheel fell off, scraping my fingers down the pavement. My mom wouldn't let me go to cubs that night for being stupid.

Anybody else got any 'first scar' stories?