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Posted By: Stu
18-Mar-17 - 08:09 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Alternative Facts Thread
Subject: RE: BS: The Alternative Facts Thread
Blimey. Trump's and Merkel's presser and posing for the cameras was one of the most embarrassing things ever seen in international politics. Not only did he admit to the US tapping the German chancellor, he also admitted to getting his 'facts' from Fox News, the news equivalent of persistent diarrhoea and as we all know, a right-wing mouthpiece.

The sight of Trump not only refusing to even look at Merkel or meet her gaze as they sat in front of the cameras was one thing, but deliberately ignoring here when she asked if he wanted to shake hands was simply pig ignorant. Of course, his inferiority complex must have been on Defcon 1 being in the presence of an intellectually superior (Merkel has a PhD in quantum chemistry), internationally respected and very experienced world leader. The fact that world leader is a woman must have rattled his toddler's cage good and proper.

What a shocker.