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Posted By: Jim Carroll
22-Feb-17 - 03:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Alternative Facts Thread
Subject: RE: BS: The Alternative Facts Thread
"The countries named and subject to the temporary ban were not selected by the President on a whim."
Yes they were
This man consults no-one, he holds no meetings to decide what he intends to do - he is an arrogant psychopath, and god help anybody who gets in his way.
He got his orders from the "SO-called security forces" - you have to be joking!!
Ho long are you you going to defend this dictator without actually addressing his actions Ake - have you no respect for the future of this planet?
We are been experiencing Trumpism for some time now.
A few years ago he purchased Greg Norman's Golf Club a few miles down from the coast here in Doonbeg.
The Club has been in dispute with local people for decades; it has been attempting to make an are of the coast a private beach for its hotel guests by blocking access to locals.
Trump bought the club and continued the warfare, but an uneasy peace was reached eventually on that issue.
Now he has opened the war on another front by proposing a rocky barrier in the sea to protects two of the course's holes - a project that would effect villages adversely either side of the club - he is holding his own employees jobs as hostage
Trump's backhanded business techniques have put his son in charge of the dirty tricks - the Trump Mafia have another branch in The West of Ireland.
Jim Carroll