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Posted By: Richie
25-Dec-16 - 01:58 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Died for Love: Sources and variants
Subject: RE: Origins: Died for Love: Sources and variants
Merry Christmas!!!

Here's a version of the Cruel Father/Rambling Boy branch:

The Squire's Daughter (Broadside by W. Shelmerdine, Manchester c1800). Original spelling preserved.

A squire's daughter near Auchen Coley,
Fell in [love] with a servant boy,
When her father came to hear,
He parted her from her dearest dear.

He anguish to increase the more,
Sent her love where the cannons roar,
To act the part of a gallant tar,
On board the Terrible man of war.

The ship was scarce three months at sea,
Till she fell in with a bloody frea.
It was the poor lad's lot to fall,
When he lost his life by a cannon ball.

The very night this young man was slain,
His ghost unto her father came,
With grievous groans by the bed he stood,
His neck and breast were smear'd with blood.

His father seeing this sad sight
He lay trembling with the fright
Being almost ready to die with fear
Till the grim ghost did disappear

The lady hearing this sad news
Her sense full surely it did confuse
That very night on a beam of oak,
She hanged herself with her own bed rope.

He went upstairs and cut her down
And in her breast a note was found.
And it is written as you see,
Cruel father you have ruined me.

Cruel father the worst of all men
You have brought me to this sad end,
You sent my love where cannons roar,
Which prov'd his death and overthrow.

Now since it's so my love is slain
And buried deep in the watery main,
Adieu false world my leave I'll take,
I'll die a maid for my true love's sake.