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Posted By: Jim Dixon
19-Dec-16 - 04:55 PM
Thread Name: food songs

I. As recorded by Roosevelt Sykes with St. Louis Bessie (Bessie Mae Smith), 1930.

I been all day; ain't had a bite to eat.
Walkin' the street for a butcher to cut my meat.
Now it's night; still lookin' for a butcher to cut my meat.
'Cause I cannot sleep till I get a butcher to cut my meat.

I want you cut my bacon and grind my sausage, too. (2x)
You's a real good meat cutter an' you know just how to do.

I want you to cut my liver, chop my ribs, and cut my steak. (2x)
Ev'ry time I think about you, it make my poor heart ache.

I've had a fire in my range an' water in my pot. (2x)
You ain't cut my meat yet, an' my range is still gettin' hot.

If you can't cut my meat, I'll get a butcher from way downtown. (2x)
But my range is still heatin' an' my damper need turnin' down.

Mm-mm, [mister] butcher please cut my meat. (2x)
I been standing here all day long, beggin' you to cut my meat.

II. As recorded by Kansas Joe McCoy, 1934.

I'm th'old meat cutter; babe, I can cut your meat.
Anything in(?) a lot o' trimmin', I can do it so nice an' neat.

I can grind your sausage; I can cut your pork chop too.
I can do any kind o' cuttin' [you] want ol' Joe to do.

I can slice your bacon; I can cut your ham.
I'm th'only cutter right out o' Alabam'.

Now bring me my cleaver an' my ol' butcher knife.
While(?) some low-down rascal sure done cut my wife.

Now listen here, babe; oh, please don't be no fool.
Some o' these ol' meat cutters will use you as a tool.

Now come in here, babe; let me look on(?) your ham.
I'm th'old meat cutter an' I sure don't give a dozen(?).*

I got a brand-new knife and I grind it on my stone.
When I go to cut your meat, I can cut it to the bone.

[* McCoy substitutes a non-rhyming word for the expected "damn" ]

III. As recorded by Peetie Wheatstraw, 1936.

I been walkin' all day, walkin' up an' down the street. (2x)
I'm gon' put you out of a job, whoo, well, well, then I want to chop somebody's meat.

[Said] I want to cut your bacon, mama; grind your sausage, too.
And then I'm a good meat cutter; whoo! Well, well, babe, I know just what to do.

I can cut your liver, [and] chop your ribs, mama, and I can cut your steak.
Because now you know I'm a good butcher, whoo! Well, then again, you know I know just what it takes.

[I said] I keep fire in my range and hot water in my pot. (2x)
Well, I keep this water boilin', whoo! Well, well, mama, and it steams really hot.

Whoo-hoo, well, well, mama, let me cut your meat. (2x)
Well, well, I been walkin' the streets all day, whoo! Well, well, like a policeman on his beat.