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Posted By: Steve Shaw
31-Oct-16 - 07:22 PM
Thread Name: Bob Dylan: Nobel laureate
Subject: RE: Bob Dylan: Nobel laureate
As I said a day or three ago, Dick and I have been at loggerheads on several previous occasions and I've already promised to fall out with him again presently. We don't actually need further examples of Dylan's bad lyrics any more, but I'm going to continue to defend Dick in this thread. Whilst it's true that Dick's grammar and punctuation in his posts could occasionally do with a little attention, that does not disqualify him from criticising that of Dylan. There will be fifty thousand footie fans at Anfield this weekend and every one of them will have a fierce opinion of their team, but not one of them can play football like Philippe Coutinho. Many a book written by a professor of music has contained criticism of Beethoven's symphonies, yet not one of those professors could hold a candle to Ludwig's sublime skills. And so on. By insinuating that Dick should be disqualified from criticising Bob, so, by your own measure, YOU should also be disqualified from praising him, because you can't write songs like him. That's clearly ridiculous, but it does shine a light on your attack on Dick.

As for language in songs, Woody wrote "I ain't gonna be treated this way". He wrote "If you ain't got the do-re-mi." He wrote "I just blowed in and I got them dustbowl blues." He wrote "I've been ridin' them fast rattlers, I thought you knowed." Not at all grammatical in the British Empire public school sense, but his speech is people's speech. To me, he was a true poet because of that. I can find poetry in the simplest of his song words because he didn't worry about grammar (though he was in no sense illiterate) but spoke natural speech, what ordinary people speak, the most poetic speech of all. Bob is in no way comparable. He speaks the tortuous language of the "knowing" college graduate in-crowd who loved the fact that they had something that the non-cognescenti "didn't get." Clearly an attitude that has yet to die down.