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Posted By: Jim Carroll
31-Oct-16 - 03:59 AM
Thread Name: Bob Dylan: Nobel laureate
Subject: RE: Bob Dylan: Nobel laureate
"for this so called interview which is clearly a hoax"
Is it?
I quoted it because, after a long time trying to like and understand Dylan's writing and singing, it was more or less the conclusion I had arrived at already - I didn't, and still don't like his singing and I don't understand his lyrics.
If the interview was a hoax, then I will need to seek another explanation as to why I find his reputation so overblown and undeserved.
I really don't need to read other people's opinions of singers before I reach my own conclusions about them - I'm quite capable of arriving at them myself.
As for Speedwell - do people need to know who he is before they form an opinion on what the article contains - you may - I don't.?
I've always thought I knew who he was - that was confirmed a few years ago, but so what - the piece says what it says - it made sense when it first read it back in the sixties and it still makes sense.
As for criticising Dylan; I find it totally astounding that, on a forum where it is impossible to discuss any aspect of MacColl's work without being totally swamped by a mountain of bile-filled garbage, any criticism of Dylan should produce such an outraged "how dare you insult our demi-god" reaction
Who on earth do you people think you are, and what kind of god do you consider your hero to be that such a prominent musical figure is above any form of criticism?
I greatly admire the work of Ewan MacColl; I make no pretence of my admiration for his singing, but I'm happy to accept that it doesn't float everybody'd boat.   
What does concern me is the fact that the voluntary work he did with other singers to improve their singing produced a massive and totally unprecedented body of work on the art of singing folk songs which, over a quarter of a century after the man's death, is totally inaccessible to discussion because of the necrophobic and unreasoning hatred of the man on a forum which styles itself a discussion forum on "Traditional Music and Folklore Collection and Community".
My opinions of MacColl as a man are based on twenty-plus years personal experience of knowing and working with him - I am quite capable of cutting through the bilious garbage surrounding him and sorting fact from fiction - which is what I do here whenever it floats to the surface.
I don't leap on my chair, haul up my skirts and demand that everyone who doesn't like MacColl should go elsewhere - I'm quite happy to slug it out - in fact, I quite enjoy it.
I expect the same of Dylan - or anybody's fans - no hope here, it seems - we even get an abusive response from a forum moderator.
Jim Carroll