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Posted By: Steve Shaw
30-Oct-16 - 07:06 PM
Thread Name: Bob Dylan: Nobel laureate
Subject: RE: Bob Dylan: Nobel laureate
Not in this thread it isn't. In real life, maybe. I love Beethoven's string quartets and piano sonatas but I'm not going to start a thread that risks my being told a load of bollocks from people not of the same persuasion. There are other, more amenable outlets, if I so choose. You come into the fray just to tell us that you don't have to explain it, that we don't get it, that we shouldn't criticise what we don't understand, etc. Read the thread. There has been no articulate, measured advocacy of Bob's endeavours in literature. There has just been defensiveness. And there have even been accusations of trolling (from a moderator who's a Dylan fan!). It doesn't matter if you think we're the devil incarnate for not subscribing to your cult, but if it hurts just don't bother with the thread. Right? I'm not offended by your love of Dylan any more than you should be offended by my completely irrational love of Carly Simon. Enjoy. It's a bit like religion, innit. You can come on here and tell us that you're praying for us, then you get all hoity-toity when you get told to get stuffed. Too bad. Why did you mention it? If you're happy with your warm and fuzzy Dylan feelings, great. Why let anyone else threaten it? Since time immemorial, Dylan has been controversial. Unless you're posting on a Dylan fan club website, you are going to get an argument. All Dylan fans know this. A Dylan fan started this thread for chrissake. He's a luvly feller but it's a good bet that he knew what he was starting. He's been conspicuous by his absence as it happens, and I don't blame him!