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Posted By: Will Fly
30-Oct-16 - 05:57 AM
Thread Name: Bob Dylan: Nobel laureate
Subject: RE: Bob Dylan: Nobel laureate
Thanks for the info, GUEST - I'm not greatly familiar with much of McColl's oeuvre.

Now, I can make my own judgements as to why, for me, the lyrics in that poem work - the techniques involved in creating it, the elements that mesh in it and how, etc. - but I'd be interested in why you think it works, Dick.

You see, the point is that it's easy to just say that someone's work is rubbish and then challenge others to disprove your statement. But the opposite side of that equation is for you to state clearly - by contrast - why you think something is technically good or bad. There's just as much of an onus there.

We can all say that we like or dislike something - it is, after all, personal taste - but not always easy to justify, clearly, the reasons for the like or dislike. Much of this thread is just a lot of "he's crap"/"he's great" statements - over and over again. If people can't give cogent reasons, then perhaps they should just beg to differ.

I think it's also worth remembering that the lure and popularity of certain types of music doesn't always rest on logical arguments about artistic integrity. I have a great affection for what many would consider the meaningless music from the '50s - Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, etc. Why do I like it? Not for its literary merits - just for its sheer energy, fun and danceability. No logic there - just a hot feeling, and perhaps a little nostalgia.