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Posted By: GUEST,Some bloke or other
25-Oct-16 - 03:03 AM
Thread Name: Singing 'Shenandoah' for Brits
Subject: RE: 'Singing 'Shenandoah' for Brits
Language is a funny old thing and it's only really poems and lyrics of a few hundred years ago that give us an insight into how pronounce as something set up to rhyme with the end of the previous line must be etc.

It's a bit like with football. We say Bayern Munich. Yet it should really be either Bayern Munchen or Bavarian Munich. Using one German and one anglicised word is illogical yet we are comfortable with it.

I'll pronounce Shenandoah however I'm comfortable and however those hearing me would expect it, should I ever feel the need. Mind you, this odd lecturing means I might be bloody minded anyway.

Our American friends need not worry though. As I type on my phone it suggests emoji pictures to substitute for words. When I typed "football" it suggested what looked like a picture of a rugby ball except when I typed "rugby" just then, it offered a different looking rugby ball. I can only assume for football it suggested the game you play in America rather than the game enjoyed by the rest of the world (fussball if you support Bayern Munich.)

Perhaps if you get us to pronounce Shenandoah as you do, you might in return tell Apple that footballs for 92% of their market are round not rugby shaped?