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Posted By: Jim Carroll
22-Oct-16 - 04:28 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Jonah and the Whale-2
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Jonah and the Whale-2


Well, Paddy O'Brien left Ireland with glee,
He had a strong notion for Greenland to see,
He shipped in The Favourite, for Greenland was bound,
And there whisky he drank made his head go around.
Laddie, whack-fol-the-dol, fol-rol-diddle-dee.

Now Paddy, he'd never been whaling before,
It made his heart jump when he heard the loud roar,
As The look-out he cried, that a whale he did spy.
I'm going to be ate! Says poor Pat, by and by.

O, Pat, he ran for'ard, caught hold of the mast,
He grasped his arms around it, and he held to it fast.
And the boat she did pitch, and a-losing his grip,
Down the whales are belly poor Paddy did slip.

He was down in that whale for six months and five days,
Till one day he, by luck, to the throat he made way.
The whales give a snort, and then he did blow,
And out on dry land, poor Paddy did go.

Now Paddy is landed and safe on the shore,
He swears that he'll never go whaling no more,
And there next time he wishes old Greenland to see,
It'll be when the railway runs over the sea.

Jim Carroll