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Posted By: Jim Dixon
28-Sep-16 - 04:54 PM
Thread Name: Songs about money ($$$$$$$$$$)
Subject: Lyr Add: BANK FAILURE BLUES (Maria Muldaur)
Martha Copeland recorded a song with this title in 1928, but I was unable to find that recording online, so I transcribed this one instead:

As recorded by Maria Muldaur on "Garden of Joy" (2009).

I've been workin' all my life, folks; saved ev'ry nickel I could get. (2x)
Thought some day I'd have a nest egg, but my home will be the poorhouse yet.

Got my money ev'ry Saturday, Monday mornin' took it to the bank. (2x)
Now that doggone bank gone busted; ev'ry nickel that I saved done sank.

Lord, it's hard to lose your money when you've scraped and scrambled like I done. (2x)
Make a preacher leave his pulpit, trade his bible for a gatlin' gun.

Goin' down to the cashier's window, goin' down with blood in both my eyes. (2x)
An' if I don't get my money, gonna cut that man down to my size.

Let me tell you folks there's two things, two things that I just can't stand: (2x)
One's messin' with my money, other's messin' 'round with my good man.