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Posted By: GUEST,Renato G.F. Naso
26-Sep-16 - 08:44 PM
Thread Name: beer commercials/jingles
Subject: RE: beer commercials/jingles
To Guest Mark. Quote: >Does anyone recall a beer jingle from the 70's with the words " All the way down boys ,all the way down , Drink ( something ) beer, all the way down . Southwestern Ontario Canada region ,but don't recall if it was localized or national. I believe it was mostly a radio ad , but may recall incorrectly on that part. Thanks for any insight !!<

Hi Mark!! This is what I can remember from the time I lived in Toronto, ON, Canada (now I live in Basle, BS, Switzerland): "...all the way down, boy all the way down, Keg Draft Ale, all the way down..."

I've never tried it, since I drink only alcohol-free beer.