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Posted By: Jim Dixon
07-Sep-16 - 07:13 PM
Thread Name: food songs
Subject: Lyr Add: MANGO VERT (calypso - Mighty Sparrow)
This was mentioned by Mark Roffe on 26 March 1999 (who earlier referred to it incorrectly as a "papaya song." This is my transcription; it needs some correction. In particular, I'm sure the last half of the last line is very wrong, but I can't get do any better. Also, I don't know what "mango vert" meansódoes it mean an unripe mango?

As recorded by Mighty Sparrow.

1. A Yankee man and a woman was in confusion.
This Yankee man and a woman, whoa-ah! was in confusion.
The woman give him something to eat with stringy, stringy hair but it tasted sweet.
He say: "I rather do without; you stick up in me teeth and don't(?) wash me mouth."

CHORUS: She said: "You eat it right, the hair won't stick in your teeth,
And you're bound to say how it tasted sweet, sweet, sweet;
But if you eat it wrong, don't walk in the street.
Ev'rybody will know when they see the hair in your teeth."

2. So the Yankee man tell her: "Honey, tell me why you're forcin' me.
As a rule, when I'm done, scrub me teeth, I want nothing more to eat."
So she said: "Take it easy, Joe; it seem to me like if you don't know,
But this thing is tasting so nice, if you eat it once, you must eat it twice." CHORUS

3. At the time, I living next door; what they talking 'bout, I don't know,
But the conversation interest me, so I listenin' attentively.
She try to rub the thing in he mouth; he started runnin' and jumpin' 'bout.
She said: "You think I making sport; keep a-runnin' or I push it straight down your throat, Joe." CHORUS

4. As I leave, I wanted to know; I ain't care if they call me mango.
After listening attentively, I knock on the door very boldly.
When I bust the door and I enter, I see them standing up in the center.
The stupid Yankee catching cold feet; he's a mango barely man 'fraid to eat(?). CHORUS