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Posted By: Jim Carroll
13-Aug-16 - 01:33 PM
Thread Name: Stop The Ewan Maccoll Bickering !!!
Subject: RE: Stop The Ewan Maccoll Bickering !!!
It's interesting, but extremely predictable that, when Maccoll's name come up - out come the necroshobes (the man's been dead for over half a century) all lining up to do a few steps of grave-dancing.
In my experience, the usual suspects are the medeocre-talented whit no feeling for folk song taking out their
mediocrity on somebody who can no longer hit back
I knew and worked with Ewan for over twenty years and was the recipient of his and Peggy's generosity for that length of time - had Ewan handed out a fraction of the vituperation his name still evokes, overwhelmingly from those who had never met him, nor were interested in his work, he might have deserved the kicking he is still getting from the less talented.
As it is, in all the time I knew Ewan I never heard him publicly attack another artist or fellow enthusiast, certainly not in the mean-minded and personal way that it regularly happens.
I've spent the last few years digitising, listing and archiving his talks and seminars, and the two hundred odd-tapes of Critics Group meetings, with the intention of archiving them and passing them on to those who might be interested.
I'm now digising the hundred+ albums the and Peggy made - magical stuff - streets better than the "I don't know what folk-song means and I don't care" school of non-thought.
My memories of Ewan and Peg are of two people who gave up a night a week of their working lives, their time, their knowledge and experience and the use of their home for nearly ten years, to work with younger and less-experienced singers, while the folk-superstars were getting on with their own careers.
Sorry to interrupt - please carry on.
Jim Carroll