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Posted By: Ebbie
21-Jan-01 - 09:19 PM
Thread Name: Knocky Door Ginger
Subject: RE: Knocky Door Ginger
We were a farm family and since my dad was a horse trainer a lot of our games involved horses: stick horses, leg horses, wire horses, pony horses, army... Each version required a different 'story'.

We also had acorn fights, with acorn-filled coffee cans tied to our waists. Our shields were garbage can lids and boiler lids. Many a welt was raised on exposed skin.

We played the 'anti' or 'annie' over game too but I think we called it alley oxen free. Or maybe that is what we shouted when one made it successfully around the shed?

We played cowboys and indians a lot. A few years ago I was talking with a tall, handsome Sioux and told him that when we played it, the Indians were the favored side. He sighed and said, We just played Indians and Indians.

Indoors (this was in the 40s) two games that I remember were Rook and Flint. We weren't allowed 'playing cards'.

We also boxed (no hitting in the face) - as the only girl born in the middle of three boys, my oldest brother boxed me whilst on his knees.

We did the knock on the door and run thing too. One night I saw my youngest brother slip out the kitchen door. I went silently out the living room door and crouched behind the balustrade of the porch. Here comes my brother running on his tip toes, carrying a long pole and giggling breathlessly to himself. Just as he reaches the top of the steps, I leap up with a roar. Brother screams, pole goes flying and rattling over porch, I scream- we both nearly have a heart attack.