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Posted By: Lin in Kansas
21-Jan-01 - 06:40 PM
Thread Name: Knocky Door Ginger
Subject: RE: Knocky Door Ginger
Growing up in Texas, Cowboys and Indians was a given--but two older brothers ensured that I was always the Indian--who always lost, of course. But then, that did let me do some memorable death scenes!

King of the Mountain, skip rope, jacks, Horse (with a basketball, shooting from the Free Throw line), Kick the Can (on the courthouse green). Whenever it snowed (which was every winter) one of the older kids would "borrow" his dad's pickup and an old barn door he kept just for the purpose, tie the barn door on behind the truck, and take everybody sleighriding at around 25 MPH. We always made it a point to turn loose and fall off at the corners of the town square, because the snowdrifts were deeper there.

Riding inner tubes down Wolf Creek--we didn't bother the cottonmouths if they didn't bother us. That was especially fun when Wolf Creek flooded--the currents under the bridge could be very interesting!

Stealing watermelons from the farmer who had his land posted "No Trespassing"--always an exciting adventure. Ray-Ray and I left rather large pieces of our bluejeans hanging on the barbed-wire fence one year when the farmer's shotgun went off...fortunately, he was aiming up. (He knew his thieves were kids, and we heard him laughing for a long ways as we ran away.)

Too much fun...I can't recall ever spending much time indoors if the weather was even half-way decent. We never seemed to have much to do (it was a VERY small town), but we were always busy, usually having fun.

Thanks, Bun! I needed that!