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Posted By: Penny S.
20-Jan-01 - 07:03 AM
Thread Name: Knocky Door Ginger
Subject: RE: Knocky Door Ginger
The old school desks with a hole in the base for cleaning purposes, allowing a ruler to be inserted, resting on the knee, so the lid could be pushed up and down with apparently no human interference. Am I glad they've gone.

I was interested in the electronic knock-down-ginger version. There was a time I thought I might be a victim, and I'm still not sure.

I had a wireless door chime, an early version, which turned out to eat batteries at a rapid rate, a set every two days or so. Fortunately, it had a mains option, so I kept the receiver plugged in via a transformer. There was one other person in our road with the same model, several hundred yards away. (I know 'cos of collecting for charity - the owner was an elderly lady, not a fast mover.) After I had it a while, I had a single ring, and when I went downstairs, there was no-one there. I looked around, and there was no sign of anyone about. This began to happen again on occasion, but never with any trace of anyone in sight, and I did check the rough ground opposite, and the playground next door. The game doesn't work unless the result is observed, does it?

One evening, I had some visitors - an astrophysicist from NASA, and some others from Cambridge (England), and we began to get rings roughly every hour. No-one there. We tried with the mains disconnected. No ring in the predicted sequence. We thought it might be a regular blip in the mains current, perhaps due to a thermostat, with the trip temperature being sub-hourly, and I put up a notice requesting visitors to ring twice.

The phantom began to ring twice. The regular pattern stopped. Still no trace of visitors or observers. I changed the notice to ring three times.

And so it did, and then one evening successively increasing the numbers of rings to five. I approached a nearby AA repairman to ask if he had been working on the electrical system of the broken down car, thinking it could have been sparking and producing a signal. No good. I called the electricity suppliers to find if there had been any current changes which could account for the problem. No good.

I took the product back to the shop.

The problem remains unanswered. Except that I now have a wireless light switch system, and that is showing odd interference, too.