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Posted By: JenBurdoo
27-Mar-16 - 12:11 AM
Thread Name: How to Create a Folksong (FS for Dummies)
Subject: RE: How to Create a Folksong (FS for Dummies)
Refreshing because I just thought up a new one and I need suggestions for a tune. Hope that's ok. It uses the Broken Token, Leaving-a-Girl-Pregnant, Moonshiner, Soldier-Going-To-War and Tragic Death tropes.

The Tavern Keeper's Daughter

T'was on a bare December day,
A maiden last saw her love
He marched away to Portugal gay
And left her nought but a glove

"Take this," he said, "to remember me by,
"And the other I'll keep for you.
"Pray for me in your mountain home high,
"And dinnae be sae blue."

She watched from the top of yonder hill
As his ship sailed o'er the sea
But soon she felt a sudden chill
As she looked over the quay.

Her apron was tight, and the strings hung low
Her face it was pale and wan
As she thought on the last night with her beau,
'Fore he went off to battle the Don

Her lover was a moonshiner,
They drank of the whiskey so gay
Out of his still, upon the hill
And rolled in his plaide they lay

"We cannot marry," he said to her,
"For your parents hate my brew
"They'll not have a lad compete with their own,
"So I'll have to be leaving you."

When nine long months had passed and gone,
She was full of grief and woe
For still within her the pain came on
And her parents slighted her so

She cried for her love, said "I do complain,
"He'll return for me, oh, never,
"I'll not see his plaide again
"In cold or sunny weather."

Another year was passed and gone
Her laddie returned from afar
He drew out his glove and advanced to find
Her grave behind the bar

Upon the cross hung the glove she'd worn,
O'er his lass and her infant arrayed
He hung up his glove, and to keep them both warm,
He left his folded plaide.