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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
17-Mar-16 - 08:49 AM
Thread Name: BS: A 'rights' issue?
Subject: RE: BS: A 'rights' issue?
So, gathering from the last group of posts, that the issue at hand, is whether doctors should speak up(to someone) if they were aware that a person could or would, pose a risk, to others, by their condition, either physical or mental...OK, what's so bad about that??..Then 'marriage' was brought into it, right?..Does anyone remember the time, when before a marriage license was granted, the two people who were applying for the marriage license, had to get a blood test for syphilis, gonorrhea or VD, in general?....Now, did that violate anyone's 'rights'?? Seems like some people are over-extending the 'hyper-sensitivities', because they would prefer to believe that HIV/AIDS is the product of a 'benign benevolent' activity, that makes one healthier!!
There comes a time when the quest to find new 'whines' over 'rights', defeats the purpose of even wanting an evaluation of any sort, to protect the general public.
Wouldn't you WANT to know, if you, or your partner had syphilis? gonorrhea, a VD, or HIV/AIDS???....all of which are pretty avoidable, just as diagnosing a pilot with suicidal tendencies....don't you think???
I can just see it now, the doctor takes a blood sample, testing for a VD/STD....and is afraid to tell ANYONE, because it might hurt their feelings!
Got news for you....if a doctor, finds certain, fatal STD's, they then, start asking that person their sexual history, and try to get a list of those people who could be at risk.....after all, don't we have a 'right' to know if we are at risk, just because some bimbo(male or female) was indiscriminately, and often discreetly, exposing themselves, as well as others, through their behavior??
I bet ya' Charlie Sheen isn't gettin' laid as often...and his condition made headlines!!...who got hurt???..who's 'rights' got violated???......Ever wonder if some star-struck 'lover' might have to right to avoid him sexually???