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Posted By: Jim Carroll
17-Mar-16 - 08:10 AM
Thread Name: BS: A 'rights' issue?
Subject: RE: BS: A 'rights' issue?
"even GUEST seems to realise the far reaching effects "
Nor sure which 'Guest' yo are referring to but can't find anybody suggesting that this is a "rights issue", which was your point and which is all that concerns me.
Anyway, I'm not interested in character references as to who agrees with you - just your own arguments
No right is unimportant enough not to defend and it should be never a question of 'either-or'.
As has been pointed out, pilots are employed on the basis of stringent medical examinations, and if anything has gone AWOL, it is the procedure of selection, not the principle of medical privacy and it is that which needs re-examination.
So the anser to your original question, is it "another example of bad "rights" legislation?" - is, no, it isn't, or if it is, it has yet to be proven so.
The pilots' selection procedure effects the selection of pilots, medical privacy effects us all.
Peoples rights in fact are "the be all and end all of those they protect" - if you remove them without replacement, we are left unprotected at a time when we see our personal rights eroded and even abolished to preserve a failing system, especially at a time when politicians and employers are queuing up to remove them - take a peep at what's happening on the 'zero contracts' and 'security of tenure' fronts - going, going, gone - and never called me muvver!
Jim Carroll