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Posted By: Jim Carroll
16-Mar-16 - 03:08 AM
Thread Name: BS: A 'rights' issue?
Subject: RE: BS: A 'rights' issue?
"It is definitely "to blame for this tragedy""
I really don't know why people bother holding enquiries into these incidents - all they need to do is get in touch with you for the solution - job done
Won't bother asking how you know who is to blame for this particular tragedy - divine inspiration? a Ouija board maybe?
I suppose it must remain as much your little secret as all those "many other" rights you would have abolished.
You have dismissed the right we all have to patient confidentiality as "jargon" which says it all really - it is a questionable right, as are all these "many" other rights you apparently disapprove of yet refuse to disclose.
It is a right we all have and should not be breached unless we, as individuals agree that it should.
In the case of people whose jobs involve the safety of others, rights like these should be dealt with, not by removing them, but by covering them with regular medical checks instigated and paid for by the employers - an M.O.T.-type check, if you like, built into the contract of employment.
You have used this tragedy to undermine all our rights by suggesting it an unnecessary "rights issue" - isn't that always the case with 'right-wingers' - (pun intended).
The last few decades have seen a number of our rights, and employees, as tenants - disappear up the Swanee at the behest of the State.
Here in Ireland we have just seen the wholesale eviction of over 100 Dublin families from their rented homes because their landlords have sold the property to Goldman Sachs - security of tenure has become as much a thing of the past as has security of employment            
People like you would add patient confidentiality to that steadily growing list.
It really is somewhat ghoulish to make an "ideological" issue of the deaths of so many people.
Jim Carroll