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Posted By: GUEST,Musket
15-Mar-16 - 05:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: A 'rights' issue?
Subject: RE: BS: A 'rights' issue?
If yo don't understand how grown ups work, don't embarrass yourself.

Your post, from the first, has been ill informed, trying to undermine the system and based on ignorance, all with an aim to question professional standards and human rights.

There is no evidence that the doctor didn't discharge his duty correctly. There is no remit for accident investigators to demand information outside of (to use the UK term) Caldicott principles. If the medical examination was as part of his job and was occupational health, the doctor will have filed a report to the employer stating whether the pilot was fit for duties. If the patient saw a doctor outside of his work, the patient as a professional himself with professional obligations was obliged to inform his employer of the outcome of the consultation if the doctor advised accordingly.

Usimg words such as ideology and jargon instead of seeking to learn just serves to make your embarrassment compound. "Any doctor with an inch of gut" would go jogging in the morning till it disappeared. You read sensationalist shit and because it suits your dim take on the world, leap to conclusions. Doctors are people, include saints and sinners but nobody, neither you nor I know whether this doctor discharged his professional duty or not. If there is a question, he or she will be answerable under the present legal system in Germany. Crash investigators are not the competent body.

As Jim said, you are confusing basic human rights with a story to which the facts are not yet ascertained and in your opening post are linking it to your wish for a fascist society where rights take second place to your particular form of hatred. Patient confidentiality is already secondary to public safety risk and protocols are in place, as I explained in the thread for such eventualities.

You are a disturbed specimen. It is impossible to reason with you, as you are incapable of the niceties of debate.