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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
13-Mar-16 - 10:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trump
Subject: RE: BS: Trump
Hey, Acme, not everybody is so 'compelled' to love Hillary the way you do! From EVERY exit poll, in Democrat primaries, OVER 75%..(and upwards of 86%) of those polled, thought that Hillary had issues with telling the truth, and/or being 'trustworthy'.
Now if someone points that out to you, it doesn't mean they are a 'Hillary Hater'. Matter of fact, I pointed out that Trump has problems with the same thing, at the Republican polls. So do I 'hate' Trump??..No, I just prefer that a candidate who is soliciting my vote, and those of the citizens, to have AT LEAST some sort of record of integrity or honesty....How do you know that the candidate that you support is because you allegedly BELIEVE what they say???.....Does what they say matter, if they are known liars???

So, get off your trip about people who don't believe in your favorite liar, is because they like Trump, or hate Hillary, or belong to one party or the other, or they don't want to elect a woman, or whatever other talking point bullshit, you want to regurgitate and feed other people. People are fed up with 'business as usual'(read: corruption) in Washington....after all, we have the best politicians money can buy!...and both Hillary and Trump, both fit that description, from one side or the other!!!
THAT'S why people have strong negative emotions toward them both.
Get over it!!


How about just a little bit of an 'honest' candidate??