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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
13-Mar-16 - 01:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trump
Subject: RE: BS: Trump
olddude: "Can we go back to politics, everyone is entitled to their opinions. One person, one vote."

If they go to a brokered convention, either party or both, THEY will select who we should 'vote for'....which means no votes even mattered..just whom they APPOINT to run.

I suspect, as I said earlier, that depending on the primaries, will determine if Obama's Justice department will go for an indictment for Hillary...then they might give you Biden to vote for....then after that happens, and she can't run, he might even 'pardon' her.

As for the Republicans, that will go to a brokered convention if they can keep dividing the votes, among the primary candidates, so the minimum votes won't be reached for a walk-a-way count at the convention.

ALL this is going on, because the electorate is pissed off. First we got Obama, then the Republicans vowed to turn things around, if they got the Senate and the House of Representatives...they got both, but nothing was done...............SOOOOOO....that gave rise to Sanders, Trump, Fiorina, Carson...and even Cruz, to some extent.....(in case you ever wanted to know what the ELECTORATE thinks of the current administration). ....ALL of this is a backlash to Obama's unfavorability!!
At present, the present U.S. government is VERY VERY unpopular...because people are FINALLY getting a clue that the supposed 'Right Wing' and 'Left Wing' are on the same bird!!..Gosh how many times have I been saying that for the past eight years??!!!???....along with the CORRUPTION on BOTH's gotten so bad, that with Hillary, there is NO doubt that she has committed's on video for all to see...but she gets 'support' because the morons see her as 'electable'....though considered untrustworthy(by nearly EVERY poll!!)...they don't care...she's 'electable'......that really says a lot for the integrity of the moronic idiots who would vote for her anyway.....

...Oh well....that's politics!

The Republicans believe their own bullshit, and the Democrats believe their own bullshit....but, when it's all said and done...IT'S ALL BULLSHIT!!...just different flies!