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Posted By: Greg F.
12-Mar-16 - 08:46 AM
Thread Name: BS: Trump
Subject: RE: BS: Trump
Why is Trump so popular? Because a substantial, and ever increasing, proportion of the Republican Party is willing to believe - or rather EMBRACE - any amount of preposterous bullshit that comes along while denying objective reality. The U.S. is turning into a nation of complete idiots:

MINEOLA, Tex., 12 March 2016 On Super Tuesday, Dale Clark voted for a local Republican who claimed on social media that President Obama had worked as a gay prostitute in his youth, that the United States should ban Islam, that the Democratic Party had John F. Kennedy killed and that the United Nations had hatched a plot to depopulate the world.

Mr. Clark, 75, was unaware that the candidate he had supported Mary Lou Bruner, 68, a former kindergarten teacher running for a seat on the State Board of Education held such views. But as he sat with his wife eating lunch in this East Texas city, Mr. Clark was ready to give Ms. Bruner the benefit of the doubt.

"I would not discount her on the basis of having those beliefs," said Mr. Clark, a retired pilot. "It convinces me, though, that she's quite conservative, and if I were going to err either way, I would want to err toward the side of the conservative."

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