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Posted By: GUEST,Musket
11-Mar-16 - 07:12 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trump
Subject: RE: BS: Trump
Whenever politicians from other countries express concern over candidates, it tends to backfire. Yet you just can't help thinking that the USA has a reputation, (which funnily enough it seems proud of) of exhibiting leadership. Despite China being a larger economy in terms of every future trajectory, it's Obama who other leaders wish to be photographed with at summits.

Trump would jeopardise this as to be frank, his comments are worthy of invoking Godwin. If the Republicans want him as a puppet whose strings they can pull, many Germans said similar in the '30s when they were fed up with the same old system. Over here, our own racist nutter Nigel Farage gets press (but luckily not votes.)

The system is broken. It needs a repairman though, not a man with a huge hammer. He brings out the base in some people, as posts here show. The western world has fought for years on end to destroy attitudes such as his from obtaining power. We should be proud of our liberal democracy ideals that promote equality, raise safety nets and embrace difference. Yet Trump is popular it seems and over here our government is quietly dismantling the infrastructure we set up to look after the vulnerable in society, remove the word "minority" as we all have equal rights in principle, widen the gap and frankly, they want us to be more American. I love America. I have a right of residency through business assets, yet I see no good reason to wish to live there. If Trump proves to be popular, perhaps regular visits aren't such a good idea either?

Still, they have their fans, even confused ones who claim otherwise...