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Posted By: gnu
09-Mar-16 - 03:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: Irrational or otiose habits & routines
Subject: RE: BS: Irrational or otiose habits & routines
Some like to turn fun and interesting threads or any other threads into topics other than intended in the OP (see above). Is it a habit? Is it a troll thing? Whatever, it's not only irrational and otiose but requireD some, and by some, as many know, ME, to go absolutely Wildebeeste in a 'likewise' fashion. I couldn't help it. Especially if someone tried to hijack MY thread or crap on my friends in whatever manner without cause. But, I was cured... well it may happen again... by one of the mods. She said, and I paraphrase, "Would you fuck off with that? They are trolls. Don't feed the trolls." Mind you, it took me a while, nay, years, to simply ignore trolls because I also have another habit and that habit is being polite but never allowing others to be rude without being backed the fuck up.

Nowadays, I just don't say much or start threads much. It's a good habit.

P.S. Swipe rolls MUST feed AWAY from the wall. This is not a habit. It's common sense. See above. WTF do you not get about that shit?