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Posted By: Jim Carroll
09-Mar-16 - 04:52 AM
Thread Name: BS: Qu: Regarding Religion
Subject: RE: BS: Qu: Regarding Religion
"The decision to sell to them is again political and no faith, church or commandment had any bearing on it."
Your refusal as a Christian to condemn the sale of arms to despots by your Government has every bearing on you as a claimed Christian. equivalent to the biblical 'Passing by on the other side' or 'washing of hands'.
What your elected Government does is done in your mane and supposedly in your interest - you have the duty, if not as a Christian, or as a human being, at leaset as a voter, to speak out about the support of despotic governments.
In refusing to do so, you have allowed our politicians to put blood on your hands.
Apart from all this, Britain is recognised as a Christian Country, even to the extent of giving clergymen a voice in the running of the state via The House of Lords - you cannot separate political decisions from s
spiritul ones in those circumstances.
I've never had any great problems with other people's beliefs and superstitions - my problem has always been with the Church.
I've always looked on Christianity as a fairly passive, largely harmless mob who at least pay lip service to brotherly love, peace and compassion.
It's always struck be that if Christians lived up to their suppoesed belifs the word would be a much netter place
If your brand of warlike and predatory Christianity is anything to go by - did I get that one wrong!!