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Posted By: Jim Carroll
07-Mar-16 - 11:29 AM
Thread Name: BS: Qu: Regarding Religion
Subject: RE: BS: Qu: Regarding Religion
"Of course I do not support "killing for profit!"
Then condemn the examples you have been given from the Crusades to modern day oil wars
"There is nothing wrong with a responsible arms trade."
According to your Christian doctrine - which specifies killing for defence, it does
Where is there a let-out clause that allows profiting from weapons of death?
"Where does Ireland get its weapons?"
What the **** has this got to do with anything?
"Every nation is entitled to arm itself against attack."
I'm not referring to weapons for defence - I am talking about selling weapons to the countries Britain does without discriminating - Assad's Chemicals or armoured cars or sniper ammunition - or to Qdaffi, or Saudi Arabia, or Bahrain -
if you support selling them to such people - have the balls to say so; if you think it is responsible to sell to them, have the balls to say so - if on the other hand, you agree with that nice Mr Cable, who admits Britain sells weapons to states with bad reputations as human rights abusers - condemn such sales - or remain the hypocrite you are.
You have studiously avoided doing so so far
Jim Carroll