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Posted By: MGM·Lion
06-Mar-16 - 04:02 AM
Thread Name: BS: Qu: Regarding Religion
Subject: RE: BS: Qu: Regarding Religion
Is that addressed to me, Jim? [What has happened to your cookie BTW?]. If so, I think you missed the point that I had stressed that my recollections, which were intended merely as a response to Steve's annoyance that nobody seemed willing to 'name names', were way back in the past and I had no wish or intention to rake up past controversy for any other reason than to respond to Steve. Swallow your 'disappointment', Jim, simmer down, and come back to present time.

Tho, as you have raised what appears to me a new point which you didn't, to my recollection, make back then, I should be interested
(purely becoz I am like that guy in Dickens who 'wants to know, you know')
as to what essential parts of the 2005 definition you consider that I [to hear you tell it] so tendentiously omitted, and what may have been their relevance.