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Posted By: GUEST,Musket
03-Mar-16 - 12:12 PM
Thread Name: BS: Qu: Regarding Religion
Subject: RE: BS: Qu: Regarding Religion
Indulging in the tradition for the sake of others is hardly hypocritical, you oaf.

I used to be in a band with a melodeon player who played for his local Morris team. Is he a hypocrit for using cow shit and fertiliser on his vegetables rather than rely on the good fortune in the dance?

If I happened to be a Christian, should I have snubbed our Sikh friends by saying it would be hypocritical to attend their temple? Or even better, should I have murdered them for not being Christian? After all, we can't be hypocrites can we?

There is no hypocrisy if you don't believe in all that bollocks. Just decency in supporting others in their need and enjoying traditions. Which, I might add, is the main reason some people go to church in the first place. Mrs Musket isn't religious but on Sunday, when we travel down and take her mother out from the nursing home for Mother's Day, she will take her to church (whilst I go for a walk, there are limits...)

Just think, if normal people took heed of your hypocrisy confusion, churches would all shut because they all depend on marriages, christenings and funerals for existence, and if normal people didn't turn up....