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01-Mar-16 - 02:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trump
Subject: RE: BS: Trump
That's a good question, Ake. All people being equal, I expect 'black voters' are just as stupid as white voters. People only know what they read in the news, and it's been lots of hoopla recently--well, actually for 16 years--and most Americans seem to be fed up with the Republicans (and their record does speak for itself), and others aren't all that pleased with the Democrats being so cozy with the very rich. It may result in three parties on the political landscape divided by ideologies and what they think they know. There are many factions and factors at play right now.

We see with Trump's popular support that long-time Republicans are 'fed up to here' with the GOP as it has become. If the Republicans don't endorse Trump there will be a further split and it will be ugly. The only person I can see who has a hope against Trump is Kasich. I expect Rubio and Cruz will fall today, or at least become walking wounded. (Shoulda left all that religious stuff out of the campaign, and in both their cases they should have left higher-order thinking to people with brains.) The problem is that stupidly-thought out rants won't put bread on the table and Trump has no platform, just platitudes. Platitudes sell well until something concrete needs doing. Make America great again? It hasn't been great for decades. Just well-armed. So for now, if news sites can keep Trump front-and-center (and Sanders out of the media), it will be what we know it will be. For a few more months. Then policies will matter, and it'll be to late for Trump to develop any. YMMV.