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Posted By: keberoxu
25-Feb-16 - 09:32 AM
Thread Name: BS: a fisher-cat thread
Subject: BS: a fisher-cat thread
Interested to note, using the search feature, that while the fisher-cat does not have a thread of its own, there are Mudcatters who have glimpsed one, and have discussed it on other threads, like the coyote-problems thread. So, here's to the fisher cat.

For a furtive, mind-its-own-business-except-when-it's-hungry animal, the fisher cat generates a great deal of discussion elsewhere on the Internet. The big message about its encroachment on human society, which not enough people stop to think about, is the destruction of the fisher-cat's habitat, the deep deep woods and stands of timber.

I have read statements that the logging/timber industry took an interest in the endangered fisher-cat when its natural prey, the porcupine, proliferated enough to threaten the trees in substantial numbers, what with eating bark and stuff. Hey, there's something that preys on porcupines? and it's almost extinct? would this be a decent investment?

Then there is the discussion about its popular names (the ones fit to print).
The French colonial trappers helped greatly to endanger the fisher-cat; in fact one opinion is that the French are the source of "fisher" in the name. Comes from the French "fichu" or something like, which literally means hide or pelt -- they just thought of the animal as something to harvest.
I wish I could find the opinion, again, that talked about "wild painter." As in, screaming like one. Yes, some say a wild painter is a wild panther. Others say it is a fisher cat, and that the name comes from, again, a language other than English, in one opinion it is a Native American tongue. If I find it again, I will copy it to this thread.