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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
12-Feb-16 - 04:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trump
Subject: RE: BS: Trump
Something about Kissinger, that I've posted quite a few times on here, that is a glaring example of bullshit being used to cater to the concerns of well-meaning people, for a hidden agenda of corruption.
In 1979, Kissinger made a 'deal' with the Saudis(on behalf of his international banking buddies) in which, we would stop drilling for oil on federal land, in exchange for the Saudis buying up our treasury notes, to cover our fiat money.

Trump is manipulating, people when he criticizes, the Obama regime, for (as he says), 'Making a horrible deal, with Iran.." in regards to the nuke deal, and releasing 160 billion dollars to Iran.
Everybody remember that??

Well, Iran needs the money to build up their military, to go against Saudi Arabia, defeat them...which, in turn, gets Kissinger's banking buddies off the in essence, they got the bonds purchased, AND with the Saudis that he made the agreement with, out of the way, the oil companies would be free to drill here....and the money flows, once again. While our economy is going down the drain, renewing the drilling here, will be marketed as a wonderful solution....when in reality, it was one huge scam on everyone, EXCEPT the banksters, and oil companies......but don't bitch, we all 'enjoyed' the benefits of it enough, while being 'soothed' with the environmental hoax! Shit, now they want to get the drilling going, and put a new carbon footprint tax on it...and once again, it's not about the 'environmental concerns' as it has been marketed as.
..and all this time, it was being 'marketed' as an 'environmental' reason, for us not to be doing new drilling here.

But that's OK!!...Politics will spin it to be something 'justified' for a 'righteous cause'!!....and that will pacify those once, well meaning people into being complacent, docile know-nothings, who pose no threat, to their agenda.