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Posted By: Bill D
12-Feb-16 - 12:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: Gravity solved?
Subject: RE: BS: Gravity solved?
"We obviously live within the properties of gravity....but...most cannot explain it...
.. the same can be said of God, but many of those who proclaim gravity, deny the existence of God."

Fallacy in reasoning.. gravity is the name given to an observable, measurable phenomenon. The same cannot be said about a name...God... given to a concept that we cannot see or measure directly. Saying that "we live within properties (created by God)" assumes the answer in the premise... and that is what is in question. Perhaps something did 'create' everything, but naming the idea does not validate the actuality.

(and by the way... "We can't SEE gravity....but we see its affects....
We can HEAR gravity....but we see its affects...."..... it's EFFECTS. Color me pedantic.)


Pete... no, Pikaia is NOT identical to amphioxus..... not to those who understand the differences. They have similarities and one is 'likely' the ancestor of the other...but..