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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
12-Feb-16 - 07:26 AM
Thread Name: BS: Gravity solved?
Subject: RE: BS: Gravity solved?
OK, Ok..this is getting as silly as it can get...let's start with the 'big bang'...that began EVERYTHING, OK?.....Something just happened that made the 'big bang' the BEGINNING of ANY-thing starts with 'I (or IT)exists...where before, it didn't.. suddenly, "BANG!!"..I AM...and I am a self-existing entity in which all the properties of all matter, seen and unseen consists....I'm 'The BANG'!! Is the 'bang' done banging??...OH, so as long as the 'bang' exists, all the properties are still in play....Right??...Good!'re right!...the 'name 'Yahweh' in the Hebrew, means according to (exact)interpretation, 'I Am', 'I Am that I Am', or 'The self existing one'....and it's all the same meaning. So, I guess if you want to put a 'human' personality on some entity, way up in the sky, sitting on a cloud, with a great white beard, and call it 'God'...and then say you don't believe in that..GREAT, you're right...that has nothing to do with anything, except some small minded concept concocted by some self imposed notion of 'small'! Whatever exists, is all part of one...a product of your favorite 'Big Bang" self has properties, and 'matter' is just ONE of them. Do you imagine that 'consciousness' could be another?? about 'life', itself???...or are you going to separate them, and hide one in a box, where they are separate from the WHOLE of the 'Big Bang', that because it exists, so does everything!...except what you thought you figured out, from what your favorite ideological funded 'scientific' study says??!
Now, ya' think that's 'too vague' for ya'?....We are ALL living in it. It has 'consciousness', it has 'life', it has 'love'....though maybe not by YOUR limited definition. It has 'space', 'matter'..all the laws of physics, both detectable and has you, and everything you've ever seen or experienced, seen or unseen.

Now, if someone wants to call that 'God', and consciously be at one with it, and receive those insights, in wonderment and 'aw', respectfully, and with gratitude, do you imagine that more would be revealed to that person, because he/she managed to discipline themselves to be opened, to process the information and data, ALL around us, but often ignored?

Who knows what Beethoven 'heard', or 'how', and/or /what he meant' when he termed it that way?...but it came from somewhere...whose existence started, guessed it...a 'Big Bang'

There is no God?
There is no 'Big Bang'?
There is no you??

...after all, you want no part of it....