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Posted By: Stu
12-Feb-16 - 04:12 AM
Thread Name: BS: Gravity solved?
Subject: RE: BS: Gravity solved?
".....unless you can point to something I,ve missed...."

I could never have enough arms ;-) Also, stop using CMI as your primary source of information. It's NOT science and is so full of lies and misinformation it's a positively execrable piece of work.

I'm guessing Pete, you don't believe in gravitational waves either, seeing as their very existence and origin disproves in one fell stroke all that Bishop Ussher/creationist idiocy. I'd love to hear your explanation for them (God made just look like they were coming from billions of light years away?)

The instrument they used to measure these waves is an amazing piece of technology, and capable of measuring the distance from here to the sun to the accuracy of an atom. You gotta love science!