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Posted By: Donuel
11-Feb-16 - 05:15 PM
Thread Name: BS: Gravity solved?
Subject: RE: BS: Gravity solved?
Amos, the resonance of a black hole has been claimed to be something like 57 octaves below middle C. Too bad its not 42.

The big bang resonance is a b flat waaay deep. No it is not heard but leaves visible traces.

The artificial ears we build to hear the music of the spheres are amazing as are the sounds when we translate them into the human hearing range. Saturn makes some remarkable songs. Check them out.

Dave I was counting on you to elucidate the inappropriate use of the word 'solved' when I wrote it. The waves from the collision/merger of black holes create a gravity well quake as predicted by Einstein but offers more information as you noted. Nothing wrong about being predictable, in fact people like to count on it.

Bill D
The extinction event that eliminated 99 percent of Cambrian species has been identified. It was an comet/asteroid 6 times larger than the Yucatan impact and hit Antarctica which was in a different location on the globe at that time. Today it is 6 kilometers below the ice.Wacky speculation goes farther to claim that impact could have opened the Siberian fissure eruptions since they were directly opposite the impact and those eruptions altered the climate for millions of years.