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Posted By: GUEST,Pete from seven stars link
11-Feb-16 - 02:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: Gravity solved?
Subject: RE: BS: Gravity solved?
I had not seen those one liners before gfs, I thought em funny.             Stu speciation features in the creation model too, so it is hardly true to say that we are ignoring any evidence. Perhaps you don't know much about creationist thinking ? In fact on cmi there are articles giving examples of speedy speciation. As I understand it evolutionists believe that given enough time speciation is without limit ,so that totally different kinds of animals arise. However , this has never been demonstrated ,(and of course you would appeal to it being unseen due to massive time scale), and neither do they have much, if anything to show , of Darwinian processes producing the novel information needed to bring about change beyond the limits of one type of organism to another.......unless you can point to something I,ve missed....