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Posted By: Steve Shaw
01-Dec-15 - 05:35 AM
Thread Name: BS:Planned Parenthood Shooter-Christian Terrorist?
Subject: RE: BS:Planned Parenthood Shooter-Christian Terrorist?
Well I agree with all that, Joe. Speaking from my own experience, however (which was far from being the worst thing ever), along with my fellow Catholic classmates I had a brand of morality drummed into me that took me years to question then (at least for many aspects of it) shake off. The number of things I was told were sinful, which were not actually sinful at all, was legion (litany available on request), not to speak of the ways I was to see others different from me by virtue of their religion, sexuality and gender. Moral guidance for children is a very fine and necessary thing. Though note "guidance", not the imposed faux-morality that is primarily designed to keep you from straying from the flock. That kind of morality, ironically, is far more likely to make you end up doing immoral things. That's why we have ISIS, rabid evangelists and violent anti-abortionists.