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Posted By: Steve Shaw
30-Nov-15 - 08:11 PM
Thread Name: BS:Planned Parenthood Shooter-Christian Terrorist?
Subject: RE: BS:Planned Parenthood Shooter-Christian Terrorist?
Well if there's an ultimate authority on moral standards I think I'll stay paganistically immoral. For two thousand years the aficionados of the Bible's moral standards have downtrodden women so much that even today it's regarded as highly respectable to sanctimoniously deny the right of women to be priests, using disgusting, pseudo-profound arguments in oh-so-measured tones. Biblical moral standards haven't exactly done much for gay people either. And turning the other cheek can be terribly wrong, leaving people you may be responsible for protecting vulnerable to harm. And what kind of a world would it be if everybody gave all their stuff away? And how irresponsible to say that you shouldn't worry about providing for tomorrow. He obviously wasn't much of a family man. And, worst of all, you're blessed if you believe even though you haven't seen. That's about the most immoral advice in the whole book. But it's rubbed off very well on the Christian "educators" of children. That's what they still tell them!