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Posted By: EBarnacle
29-Nov-15 - 07:42 PM
Thread Name: BS:Planned Parenthood Shooter-Christian Terrorist?
Subject: RE: BS:Planned Parenthood Shooter-Christian Terrorist?
Going back a few posts, this thread is not about abortion. It IS about a person who may or may not be a Christian fundamentalist who decided to shoot up a medical clinic where some abortions are performed after having been incited by specious information from a Republican candidate for President of the US.

Wasn't it Oliver Wendell Holmes who said that freedom of speech does not include the right to yell "fire" in a crowded theater? How does that differ from inciting violence as part of a political campaign? Perhaps Carly Fiorino and Donald Trump should be hauled in and charged for inciting their followers to commit violent acts. Wouldn't that make an interesting kettle of fish?